Friday, October 21, 2011

Render Farms

For a variety of reasons I won’t delve into, a while back we found ourselves without access to our Revit & Navisworks licenses… aside from answering emails, workflow documentation and re-organizing my office space, I decided the Gilbane’s west coast VDC group should give 3D Studio Max Design & a home-grown render farm a shot.

Using the 30 day trials, we managed to put together some basic models, teach ourselves the Backburner Server/Manager/Monitor nomenclature, and scavenge up some computers to steal CPU cycles from.
Long story short? We were able to render a 1,200 frame animation in about 4.5 hours while having a zero loss of productivity on our main workstations.

We've documented the process & workflows (we're big on stuff like that) and we wanted to share them below.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

"BIM Models"

It's with alarming frequency we're hearing more and more about this "BIM Model" thing... which is obviously good and bad.

Good: people are starting to get into Building Information Modeling (and when they're really into it, they'll call it Virtual Design and Construction)

Bad: BIM Model is a redundant term.  It's Building Information Model Model.... or Building Information Modeling Model... either way it's ugly.

The Fix?  Call it "The BIM" or "The Model" just never call it both.

Image source/backstory: Old school video game.  Bad english.  Now internet meme/slang.