Friday, January 27, 2012

Spring BIMForum: VDC Deliverables

If you haven't already received the email notifications about the call for presentation and theme for the upcoming BIMForum, consider yourself informed!

Check it out here:

(PS: The graphic above was created by the WRO Gilbane VDC folks!)

The Spring BIMForum will be held on April 25-26 in San Antonio, Texas
Theme: VDC DeliverablesThe Spring BIMForum will focus on the ways that the VDC deliverables are used to solve specific problems i.e,  how they saved a project time or money, enabled better decisions, enhanced quality, improved the project schedule, eliminated information drop-off between parties, enhanced communication or collaboration, or had other meaningful impact to the design, construction or operation of the building.
Examples of VDC Deliverables that will be explored:
Problem: The owner wanted the building to face a certain direction.  The building was located in a high-solar radiation environment (like the desert) and the heat load on the building would have doubled the mechanical engineer’s cooling requirements.
Solution: The project team was able to use various BIM tools to illustrate the thermal loading, weather station data, shadow studies and computational fluid dynamics to dramatically explain the orientation’s impact on the building envelope performance.
Problem: The fast-track construction project requires the construction manager to buyout the millwork package with an immense amount of offsite prefabrication.  Some of the millwork is book-matched (grain matched) and has tolerances of a 1/16”.  The construction manager needs to guarantee the dimensions of the substrate (drywall) for the prefabricated millwork install to go smoothly and meet the project schedule.
Solution: The CM used laser scanning to capture the exact as-built dimensions of the walls the millwork was to be applied to and by using industrial manufacturing software, create an automatic discrepancy report so that the drywall and millwork trade contractors could coordinate a solution prior to the millwork arriving on-site.

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