Tuesday, January 24, 2012

VDC @ ASU Polytechnic Student Rec Center: Gilbane Card Trick

Last week the Gilbane VDC folks participated in the "Card Trick" (or collaborative pull scheduling session) at the ASU Polytechnic Student Rec Center Project.  We took the opportunity to establish some critical VDC milestones, such as coordinated model sign-off dates, deadlines and durations for virtual mockups as well as general model view to understand sequencing of depressed slab areas for structural sequencing.

We also used the model to work collaboratively with Architect and trade contractors to resolve some issues so quickly the RFIs never even made it out the door... instead we ended up with a confirming RFI keeping our fast-paced fabrication modeling/shop drawing process right on track.

A lunch-time panorama of the room.

When you've got a 15'x20' screen, you can quite literally get into the model...

David J. (Gilbane VDC Engineer) drives Navisworks, TDI explains their approach

The team writing up some schedule activities.

It's a busy looking board, and we're only 4 hours into the process!

Tony P. (Gilbane General Super) back-checks schedule logic.
In the background David J. & TDI continue to discuss their plan.

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