Friday, July 13, 2012

CrazyBump Texture-Map Creation

If you've ever sat down to render anything, either with Photoshop or a proprietary engine within a modeling program, and wished for an easier way to create bump and normal maps, do we have the shortcut for you.

The program is called CrazyBump, and it uses the maths to create specular, bump, normal, displacement, and occlusion maps automatically from your original file.

Create your geometry in any platform that accepts normal/bump mapping. If you were wondering, SU does not support this, so don't ask.

Download, run, and open CrazyBump.  Use your own photograph, or copy an image from the internet.

Map it to the geometry, you're finished.  Render with your engine of choice, or use the multiply layer option in Photoshop with the overlays.

There's a free, 30 day evaluation period, but a personal copy is only $99.

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